Industry Resources/Media

Industry Resources

The following websites can be useful when you are seeking more information about investing in strategies that include equities and futures like IIM’s “Systematic Hybrid™”:

1. CFTC – Commodity Futures Trading Commission
This is the Federal agency the oversees trading on all US futures markets. It is similar to the SEC.

2. NFA – National Futures Association
This is the self regulatory body that enforces the regulations of the CFTC.Incline Investment Management is regulated by the NFA as a registered Commodity Pool Operator (“CPO”). IIM is a member of the NFA. Mr. Parkhill and Mr. Hurlbut are registered associate members of the NFA. Their website has a”Broker/Firm Information” database where investors can search for firms to ensure they are registered.

3. FINRA – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
This is the self regulatory body that enforces the regulations of the SEC.

4. AIMA – Alternative Investment Management Association
This is the premier association for hedge fund professionals from around the world. IIM’s Due Diligence Questionnaire, which is available upon request, has been modeled after the AIMA standard DDQ for CTA’s. Note that Mr. Parkhill was an AIMA committee member for the development of the original DDQ developed for AIMA when he worked at John W. Henry & Co.

5. MFA – Managed Funds Association
This is the domestic version of AIMA. Quite popular amongst the CTA community (many CTAs are members of the MFA). Their website has some helpful information about investing in hedge funds.

6. CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange
This exchange is responsible for regulating the Futures Commission Merchants and is based in Chicago. Their website has a number of different resources and articles that will be helpful to most investors.


News Publications: 

Investing With The Trends



♦ CAL ALTS Los Angeles March 2019- Los Angeles
♦ Meet the Niche Manager Macro Seminar May 2018- New York
♦ Cryptocurrency Forum April 2018- New York
♦ Emerging Manager Forum April 2018- New York
♦ Emerging Manager Forum CTA Expo April 2018- New York
♦ CoinAlts Fund Symposium April 2018- New York
♦ NIBA Conference April 2018- New York
♦ CAL ALTS Silicon Valley Nov 2017- Mountain View
♦ Emerging Manager Forum Nov 2017- San Francisco
♦ TradeShow West Feb 2017 – San Francisco
– Emerging Manager Roundtable featuring Ted Parkhill
♦ Cap Intro West Jan 2017 – San Francisco
♦ CTA Expo Dec 2016 – Miami
– Shark Tank Pitch by Ted Parkhill
♦ Emerging Manager Forum – West Coast – San Francisco
– Panel Speaker featuring Ted Parkhill
♦ BHA Select Hedge Fund Conf Sept 2016 – Boston
♦ CTA Expo Sept 2016 – Chicago
and many others!